Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last Stop - Chico. All Aboard - Next stop - Antioch~

A quick follow-up and thank you is in order. Randy emailed me shortly before the show and said "I even put in an order for warm weather to melt the snow next week." True to his word, the weather was perfect and the trek down and back north was excellent.

Chico this year was the best in recent memory. Lots of neat stuff on the tables. Many thanks to all that took advantage of the "fire sale prices" at my table, as well as those that helped me bring back more than I arrived with. I know "hoarditis" is an illness. And incurable. But it's an illness in a good way and as such, I'd prefer to remain both infected and contagious.

This coming weekend is Morro Bay. I hear that it's a killer venue. Small but fun and often loaded with sleepers. Sadly for me, it's two days down and two days back; and as such not on the plate. I'd love to hear what slips in the door this year, so please, do tell!

And so, we next set our sights on Antioch.

April 8 & 9 Antioch, Ca.
Contact: Gary & Darla Antone

It's an old school show, dating back decades. If memory serves, I first attended the Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society show in the very early 70's, back when they were located at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco. Always fun, always packed with good people, and good stuff, this is another can't miss show and as such, I'm as excited about being a part of it in 2011 as I was in 1970!

Again, hope to see all at Antioch. April in the Bay Area is "the" time to visit! So why not tie your mini vacation in with a great bottle show?


Mike Dolcini said...

WAY back, the GG Show was held at a school in Oakland, then it went to San Pablo for a number of years. It was held at the Pleasanton fairground after that, too. I'm looking forward to Antioch, too, but the $4 cost per a gallon of gas is putting a big travel damper on us guys that go everywhere to dig. Morro Bay is no longer viable, either. 200 bucks for fuel, plus a couple hundred for lodging? I don't think so.

Lordbud said...

My first GG show was held in Richmond of all places. Looking forward to it this year as always. I do hope Mr. Salazar brings his "junker" boxes for us low-end enthusiasts.

Lordbud said...

How funny I talked to at least three dealers who didn't have room to bring their boxes of druggists and pharmacies. I still found some good stuff including an unlisted SF druggist and a very old cylinder with a round slugplate embossed from Lengfeld's. The earliest Lengfeld I've ever seen. Two different attic mint labeled w/contents SF druggists. Amazing show.

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