Saturday, August 7, 2021

A fresh idea~


For Sale - Fixed prices / accurate  descriptions!

Sick of Fleabay? You've come to the right place for high quality western whiskies, described accurately and honestly (what a novel idea).

No better / no worse than as if you had picked the bottle (or go-with) up off a table at a show. Read the description, look at the photos. Want more photos or a clarification on anything - no problem; simply email me at

I've avoided the foolishness that accompanies eBay auctions like a case of the plague. In an attempt to keep this stuff affordable, I will now list western whiskey items as Buy It Now offerings here at a substantial discount compared to you know what. This shaves nearly 20% off the overhead required just to break even. This is not an auction, but a fixed price offering, priced in line with the current "western whiskey market".  Click on the photos and they will open in a new (and enlarged) window.
My offerings here will run for about a week.

Here goes;
Hoffschlaeger Co. LTD (fancy intertwined monogram) Honolulu

Tooled, light yellow orange with notable variation in color density , touch of character, bold strike, much lighter color than normally encountered.

Listed as #400 in Western Whiskey Bottles 4th edition, and #711 in Hawaiian Bottles of long ago. This example was the result of many, many years of Hoffschlaeger upgrades for me. It has the reversed 428 base mark and stands 11" tall. There are no chips or cracks, and it is in original, un-cleaned, as-found condition with good glass luster.

It was found on the windward side of the big island in the 1970's. There is moderate in-manufacture tooling crudity in the tapered collar and the strike is extremely crisp and well defined. There are a couple of small chunks of pot slag embedded in the glass (neither has any flashes, radiations or legs present).

With the exception of a roughly 1/16" surface contact nick located beneath the H in Honolulu, (see close-up photo), it is issue free and the best example I'd encountered in my fifty some years of collecting western whiskies.

Let's get the ball rolling; One just sold (you know where) for $371~.

This is a better example - $300~ plus P&I.
Like Island cylinders? I've got quite a few more that are ready to go. Lovejoy / Peacock (tool and hammered whittled red glops) and of course, the good ol' MacFarlane. Gimme a shout. 
Mahalo, and Aloha!

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