Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photos wanted

Good morning all~

I am in need of good, crisp, high resolution photos for the following bottles; Barnett #77,78,81,82. All four are clear tool tops. The photos will be part of a feature article that we've been working on for the past several weeks. Please forward them to me via email in .jpeg format. If duplicates are received, I'll pick out the highest quality photo to post. I will make the neccesary corrections in terms of cropping, sizing etc. but will not digitally alter anything else.

We are also in need of photos depicting Braunschweiger & Co. go-withs, shots, paper, letterheads etc. etc. etc.

Let me know whether you'd like credit for your photos in the footnotes of the article or not; and if so, prefer just initials, or would like your name published.

Thanks in advance!


Mike Dolcini said...

Do you have copies of Braunschweiger's claims of trade mark? If not I will get them for you. There are several.

Kentucky Gem said...

Hi Mike;

I do not. And would love to include them in the article. Please forward via email at your convenience.

Thanks! See you this weekend.

Mike Dolcini said...

Although I could not make Anderson I did spend some time in the archives on Friday and am having them print up my requests for trade marks by Braunschweiger. Sadly, the Beargrass one was stolen years ago. Unscrupulous, self centered, "collectors" removed some of the better known files back in the day when they weren't so strict about who handled them. When I get them I'll send then up to you.


Mike Dolcini said...

No email, will send via snail mail. Too much material, 44 pages. Herman Braunschweiger used "Oak Valley Distilling Co" in 1884 with his "Bear Valley Old Bourbon". I can only surmise that the label for "Bear Grass Old Bourbon" made the same reference. He calls himself the "Whole Sale Dealer and Distiller's Agent"

Kentucky Gem said...

Sorry about the delayed reply.I've been in California for close to a week and without email or internet access until a few minutes ago. I'm old school in some regards and don't have a laptop or smart phone. I have in excess of 100 emails to respond to and won't get to the website until tomorrow AM. You were / are on the top of my list to answer emails.

Many thanks for your efforts. I'll look forward to seeing the "stuff".

I've been in constant touch with historical societies in Kenton County and Covington Kentucky. Your efforts will round out the big picture.

Many thanks!

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