Sunday, February 7, 2021

But Willllbur~


A horse is a horse , of course, of course… (theme song from Mr. Ed, the talking horse)

Well, this horse probably has some tales to tell, but he’s keeping them to himself.

I got an email from a non-collector yesterday, asking if I could give him some info on a bottle that he’d found in the basement of a house, located in the Haight Ashbury of SF in 1970. I provided what I could and he asked if I could help him find a new home for it.

Barnett listed this variant as #803. The base mark is 684H. It’s got a crisp strike and, based on the photos, is a two piece mold. It was blown at the tail end of the run for the Abramson Heunisch glass factory located in SF, (just before they became IPGC), ca. 1901. This base mark indeed throws off the accepted time line for the Gold Dust series by a number of years. Although I’ve not personally handled the bottle, it has what appears to be annealing damage on the neck; quite probably related to the tooling process of the top.

He’s interested in finding a home for it. See attached photos.

If it’s of interest, feel free to shoot me a price that works for you and I’ll pass it on to Roy.


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