Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just when you think you've seen it all!

A couple of years ago a glop top Pioneer bear surfaced that took most by surprise. The mold variant was listed by Thomas as  #5A, and is commonly referred to as the "German Bear". John went on to say that they are red-amber in color, have an applied top and are heavily whittled.

Based on research, we now know that these were blown in Gerresheimer Germany by  Gerresheimer Glasshuttenwerk, and imported to the US by Abramson Heunisch of San Francisco. Gerresheimer Glasshuttenwerk also produced a number of other notable bottles such as the hammer whittled applied top San Francisco beers, Warners Safe Cures, Gilka's and other equally crude bottles noted for their intense red coloration and extreme crudity.

Imagine our surprise though, when  a Fenkahausen Pioneer Bear surfaced in straw yellow; identical in color to the pint and half pint Warners Safe Cure from London. A first!

Speaking of firsts, got an email from a fellow collector down in Northern Cal. this AM. Get a load of this; a hammer whittled Boulevard Bourbon in  red amber with an applied top! Up 'till now, there wasn't even a hint of a rumor that this bottle existed. Not surprising though, since there is a German, clear glop Boulevard.

Not sure if this is of German descent, since he's still working on photographing it, but nothing surprises me any more.

Just the same; another first!


Photos as promised~

(not the best pics., but they get the message across) It's the one in the center; red amber, applied top with drip, and definitely a different mold than any I've seen - I've got four toolies here to compare it to...

The jury is still out whether German or not. Will know more when I get a chance to see it up close and personal.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

PJ - More information on PJ

Just to add a little info. Jeenicke was also the proprietor of the California Soda Works in San Jose. The addresses of both Jeenicke and the California Soda Works being located on Orchard Street in SJ. Jeenicke might well have used both embossed hutches simultaneously/overlapping during the years he was in business.

I have 4 of the aqua Jeenicke hutches and I believe 2 of the California Soda Works hutches that I have collected over the years. The amber Jeenickes were very likely used for hard cider, the amber color being the main clue. 

(thanks Jason!)


Got an email from a fellow collector today. He was kind enough to help me correct a typo with regards to the dating, as well as to provide a killer piece of paper to add.

"It looks like the bottle may date to 1891, unless of course he was using the bottle before the trademark. I couldn't find any record of Jeenicke's soda water business before 1890 in directories or newspapers so perhaps these sodas really are that new. Last month we dug a bubbly aqua Jeenicke and it certainly was an 1890s layer. "

 My response:

Thanks for catching my mistake. You are correct in that the bottle was / is attributed not to ca. 1879 / 1880, but rather ca. 1889 / 1890.

I get too close to the forest to see the trees on a regular basis and although I spell check, read, a re-read my articles prior to posting, typos inevitably slip through the cracks.

Again, much obliged.


Hi there! Let me  introduce myself - name's Paul Jeenicke, "PJ" for short.

I'm an old timer! I was born in San Jose California around 1879 or 1880. I've always been the dark sheep of the family. Nearly all my brothers, sisters and cousins are light complected, almost blue. Me, I've got a great dark brown tan. I've held up pretty good despite my advanced years, although my skin is real "wrinkly". I made it all these years though, without any cuts or scrapes and no wear to my features either, although there's quite a bit of sag where my head meets my neck. I still have my original closure, which looks like new. It probably helps having sat in a barn since I was a kid~

Funny thing though, the barn was in Oregon, near a place called Brownsville, and I don't have any recollection how I got there from my home in San Jose. Well today this nice guy, who was originally from San Jose, met me and offered to take me home this weekend. He said that he's going to stop off at a place not too far from San Jose called Antioch.

Who knows, I might wander off again with some other nice person who takes a shine to me.

See y'all soon!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Next up; Antioch

Expo 2016 update!



Our original allocation of 50 tables has been reserved. Greg freed up enough space for us to accommodate six additional tables.  Please touch base ASAP if you'd like to reserve one of these.

This coming week we will be mailing the following out to dealers;  table reservation numbers, a table map, a map of the pavilion, and an access map to make loading in and out easy. We'll also include lodging information for those looking to reserve a room at one of the nearby motels.

Here's looking forward to a great weekend!
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