Wednesday, February 21, 2024



"deliver (something) to a person's custody, typically in order for it to be sold"
I've been an avid collector, researcher, writer and dealer in western whiskies since the mid 1960's.
We've recently been approached by a number of non-collectors who have ended up with, through one situation or another, Western Whiskies. The initial conversation is always something on the order of; "I've got these old bottles, don't know anything about them, but was wondering if you could help me sell them". 

My response is always the same; let's take a look at them and see what I can do for you. Most of these initial contacts are via email. Just as well, as emailed photos help set the stage for the owners consigning the bottles to me.
Our services are priced reasonably; 10% of the final selling price of the item. That's it; Plain and Simple. We recently placed an amber picture cylinder for a client; it sold less than a week after receiving it. The consignor was sent certified funds for the proceeds once the sale was funded and was more than pleased with the entire process. They did ask, "why only 10% sellers fee and no buyers premium when compared to the big auction houses"?

The answer was simple; this is a labor of love, not a profit motivated business. I am well connected and have several avenues with which to merchandise western whiskies.
 If you, a relative, or even just an acquaintance of yours is interested in consigning to me, please don't hesitate to touch base. My email address is JSGLASS@Q.COM. Single items or large collections both receive the same attention to detail.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to explore consigning or an outright sale for cash.

Many thanks in advance, Bruce Silva
Western Whiskey Gazette




Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Just when you think you've seen it all!

We had another consignment arrive yesterday. This time, a picture cylinder, the likes of which I've never handled.

It is 11" tall, and 3 3/8" across the base (diameter). It has the Riley IT closure with the scarce Chevalier castle picture ebonite stopper. 


Rather than the standard fifth it appears to be a quart in capacity.

The closest that I can identify in WWB 4th edition is the #142. However placed side by side with the standard fifth, the difference is immediately obvious. See photo.

It is issue free, has a number of bubbles of various sizes, and the neck leans ever so slightly to the left, when viewed head on. And then there's the strike; strong, detailed, and crisp. The color is the icing on the cake; a striking light amber. 

As mentioned, it is a consignment. Feel free to touch base with me if you are interested in making an offer. 


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