Sunday, January 2, 2022

Chalmers Catawba Wine Bitters - the rest of the story


If it looks like a whiskey, swims like a whiskey, and quacks like a whiskey it must be a whiskey. 


Well, OK it reads bitters but what the heck, it's one of the top western bottles that looks like a whiskey. Besides, Thomas included it in his books "Whiskey Bottles of the Old West".


Several years ago, I acquired one of my dream bottles from an old friend.  I first ran across this same exact example in Willow Glen, California in 1974. 45 years later, I finally owned it. In going through some old paperwork yesterday, I ran across a couple of pages of fascinating history regarding Robert Chalmers and his endeavors that I thought I would share. Enjoy~




Saturday, January 1, 2022

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