Monday, January 18, 2010


Across the finish line. No skid marks - just flat burnouts~

Lot number 75, a scarce variant of the Chevalier Whiskey Merchant is number 148 in Western Whiskey Bottles 4th Edition (WWB 4th). If the photos and description are accurate, this one's got everything going for it. Scarcity, condition and COLOR! At $180~, it's off to the races. When it closed at $392~ plus S&H, even I was shocked. Just shows to go ya, that COLOR is king. Package that with mint and scarcity and the book gets tossed out the window.

Lot 82, a tooled Chevalier Old Bourbon, blown in the glop top mold, is #133 in WWB 4th. It's got a couple of minor issues and is floundering at a hundred dollar bill. Based on the description, the damage sounds minimal and this could be a sleeper for someone who is willing to live with a couple of excuses. Slowing toward the finish line, it managed a respectable $212~ and change plus S&H.

Lot 83, is a small town cylinder from Santa Maria, Ca. Arguably one of the scarcer tooled tops dating to the turn of the century, this bottle should have crossover appeal to So. Cal. collectors and aficionados of the rarer tool tops alike. It's #559 in WWB 4th and is currently at $275~; evidence of it's appeal. Another strong performer, it also closed at $392~ plus S&H.

Lot 84, a full face Phoenix with a tool top which was blown in the globby mold is also having a tough time getting off the ground. #578 in WWB 4th, this bottle is notably harder to obtain as a toolie than as a glop. It's got a couple of minor problems in the form of a small lip chip and a couple of flashes, but if it stays at $150~, someone's going to get a good buy! Hammering at $420~ plus S&H, it was a bargain despite the damage. Odds are, it'd be tough to replace it for that. A nice bottle at a nice price.

Lot 85, a labeled and embossed J. F. Cutter toolie, #227 in WWB 4th, is putting on a strong showing and is currently bidding at $180~. Looks like the word is out about the scarcity of original labeled and embossed toolies. Glad I wised up back in the 70's~ Well, how do you do?............... $336~ plus S&H put it right where the auctioneer pegged it after buyers fees. A strong showing, but this example was all there replete with cork and neck label. Try and find another...

Lots 119 - 124 are groupings of tool tops ranging in quantity from three to five. Lots of variation here with dirt common to somewhat sought after examples all being represented. Based on current bids, they all are bringing strong numbers; evidence of the increasing popularity of this segment of western whiskey collecting.

Lot 119; F. Chevalier, Kelloggs, Slaters, Roth & Company, and a Pepper Distillery. The lot blew the top off the pre auction estimate and the bidding closed at $336~. A good buy when the Pepper is factored into the equation.

Lot 120; repeat performance of 119. Two Cutter A No 1 bourbons, Wilmerding Kelloggs, a Livingston, and Roth (not a back bar...) all toolies. Hammered @ $235~ another strong showing.

Lot 121; Lions and tigers and Bears (oh my). Well actually Kelloggs, Davey Crockett, Spruance Stanley, Rothenberg Old Judge, and EA Fargo (and no bear - it was a globby). But still, oh my! It blasted past the finish line at $364~ plus S&H. OH MY!

Lot 122; I'm running out of breath~ Star & Shield, F. Chevalier Castle Whiskey, Jesse Moore, Beautiful Golden Cutter OK, and EA Fargo With a pre auction estimate of $50~ - $100~ this lot was another space traveler and hammered at two and a half times the high estimate, closing at an even $280 plus S&H. Wowsa!

Lot 123; Chevalier Castle Whiskey with original lid, IDE Turk bulge neck, clear Geo Blake’s, Adams Taylor, Cerruti Merchantile and Cutter Star & Shield Here we go again with a twofer with a high estimate of $100~ but the gavel slammed down at $224~.

Lot 124: two J.H. Cutter A No. 1’s, one with some green, and a later Jesse Moore Respectable but not totally over the top, it closed at $190~ plus S&H.

Mama, I feel dizzy. Is that my fever breakin'? Nope, just the excitement of seeing western tool top interest heat up to unprecedented levels.


Dr.Barnes said...

I wonder how much the shipping cost were on those lots of Toolies? Pretty High Prices, Glad to see someone's still buying glass.

NorCalBottleHunter said...

I was up there for lot #121, but had to let it go after I was over bid the last time. I'm still somewhat bummed, but hey.... there are some good shows comming up, especially the return to Antioch, Golden Gate's show in April

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