Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wanted - Dead or Alive

As many of you know, Bob Barnett assigned all rights to the Western Whiskey Bottles series to me shortly before he passed away. Bob's final work was Western Whiskey Bottles 4th Edition.

As some of you know, the 5th edition was in the late stages of drafting when the motherboard on my computer fried, corrupting both the primary hard drive and the external back-up. The data on both drives was deemed non-recoverable despite the best efforts of my IT guy. Even the use of forensic recovery programs failed to bring the data back from the dead...

Maybe a blessing in disguise. Rumors of a large number of new finds have circulated since the "crash", giving us a chance to add a lot more listings to the new edition. The work on the 5th edition has resumed (actually re-started from scratch) and I am actively seeking documentation of "new" western whiskies, regardless of whether they are glop or tool tops. If you have an unlisted bottle that is not present in the 4th edition, please forward crisp, detailed, photos of it to me.

I'd like both a full body shot, as well as a close-up of the embossing. Also, feel free to forward any specifics about the provenance. Damage is not a consideration; whole bottles or just embossed panels are welcomed.

Like I said,
Wanted - Dead or Alive!

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NorCalBottleHunter said...

you da man, Bruce! Can't wait

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