Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A dose of reality~

Contrary to popular belief, we weren't abducted by aliens, locked up in a Mexican jail, and didn't fall of the face of the earth. And yes, the WWTT Gazette is alive and well.

Actually, we did sort of fall off the face of the earth, only to reappear in the Caribbean for a nice break from "reality". White coral sand beaches, great company, great food, and plenty of beer.

What more could one ask for?

But now it's back to the real world, and snow on the ground. Let's see now; 84* with gentle trade winds blowing across the white sand beaches, a cold Corona in one hand and a sun burned face versus 33*, cold, wet, and windy with the white sand replaced by slushy snow. Bundled up in long sleeves and flannel, the Corona has been replaced with a steaming cup of coffee and I'm freezing my butt off...

The obvious question first. Did I score any bottles? Nope. I even employed a local in my futile attempts but none were to be had.
Not that it came as any great surprise. After all, what would any self respecting tooled top western whiskey be doing on a beach half a world away? I did find a few empties though...

One case gin was noted, stuffed away in the dungeon of a 17th century coral fortress in Nassau though~


Paddle molded and free blown, it was an amazing piece of early glass.
Thanks for all of the emails during our absence. I'm doing my best to catch up on one and all in short order and should be able to whittle the 134 down to zero in the next couple of days.

Thanks too, for the constant flow of photos and information about previously unlisted bottles. It's great to learn of flea market finds, successful digs and swaps that continue to add to the seemingly endless array of western whiskies. You fellow collectors are what make this hobby what it is; a true brotherhood of dedicated historians. And I personally want to thank one and all!

OK, back to reality; whatever that is. In the coming weeks, we'll see articles regarding new finds, runs of picture whiskies, "new" molds for previously documented bottles, mold evolutions and what have you. Don't be bashful either! Feel free to let me know what you'd like to see in the way of articles. After all, this is our site!

With that, please enjoy the sunset on our final evening in paradise~


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Dr.Barnes said...

Nice Sunset Picture, the air looks clean compared to Dago. Are you going to put the Oroville fifth on? Thanks Rick

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