Monday, June 14, 2010

Western Bitters News Site Crash

Friends and fellow collectors. In case you haven't noticed, the Western Bitters News site is down.

Good friend and site master, Rick Simi, touched base with me yesterday and said that "It appears someone in Oslo Norway bought the domain name westernbittersnews according to godaddy".

Unfortuantely, Rick also experienced a computer crash and lost most of his data as well; (sound familiar?). Must be some new strain of H1N1 virus going around that only attacks the hard drives of west coast bitters and whiskey webmasters...

In the meantime, Rick has made alternate arrangements and the site can be accessed at

Good luck to Rick on getting back up and running!


Mike Dolcini said...

If you are willing to spend the bucks to get a MAC this will never happen to you. PCs, and the Windows operating systems, are subject to constant attack by various "infections" and must have protections updated frequently. No thanks, I dumped that problem long ago.

Kentucky Gem said...

Boy howdy Mike. That's a big amen about Macs vs. PC's.

I've got a close friend who bought their first Mac 14 years ago. They just recently replaced it, because it was flat worn out. Never a bug, never a virus, never so much as a hiccup.

At this time, we have one desktop and two laptops; all purchased by and for our businesses. Now here's where it gets interesting... The oldest is a Dell Smart Step 200N lap running Windows XP. It's my field machine. If you recall, XP was touted as being the new messiah when it was introduced and was supposed to remedy all the bugs that had been present in Microsoft's previous operating systems. Yea, right...

The next system, a Dell XPS Studio 540 desktop, and our office mainframe, is running Vista 64 and has enough memory and advanced hardware to pilot the space shuttle. Vista 64 was touted by Microsoft as guessed it...... a remedy for all the bugs that had been present in Windows XP. Yea right again~ If it's possible, Vista 64 is even worse than Vista, which was worse than XP.

And then in marched the new system, an Acer Aspire 7740 laptop that was delivered last week. It's running Windows 7. And windows 7 was touted as being the new and improved messiah when it was introduced; supposed to remedy all the bugs that had been present in Windows Vista. So far so good with it. But the jury's still out...

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