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Saturday, July 10, 2010

In Search of the Lost "H"

Four of us, with more ambition than sense, have decided to push forward in an attempt to determine just who was responsible for the "H" base mark present on a number of post turn of the century tool top western whiskies.


We NEED your HELP!

Following, please note a database that we've assembled listing bottles and "H" base marks. We know it's not complete. Please email me with what else you've got in your collections so that we can continue to push forward in either ruling out, or pinning down the source of the "lost H".

  Basemark              Name                             WWB 4th ID#

    29 / H          Louis Taussig & Co.                        783

   302 / H         McDonald & Cohn                           525

   32 / H           Royal Stag OK Bourbon Whiskey            705

   32 / H           Royal Stag OK Whiskey                          706

   32 / H           Royal Stag Whiskey                                 706.5

   32 / H           W. M. Watson Co.                                  820

  336 / H          Old Tom Parker                                      611

  402 / H          St. George                                              760

  402 / H          California Winery                                    100

  433 / H          OPS Bourbon                                         218

  4H                 Golden Eagle                                         333

  538 / H          Ahrens Bullwinkle                                      7

  560H              Hildebrandt Posner                                384

  560H              H. Rothenburg & Co.                    697

  578 / H          Warrens Ginger Brandy                           814

  5H                  Shea Bocqueraz                                     733

  680 / H          Commodores Royal OK                         189

  684 / H          Gold Dust                                               803


1 comment:

Geo. S. Evans said...

Here's one Bruce 685H
Adolph Harris
Man I used to have a mess of H's I guess I sold em' all.

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