Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Silver Pick Strikes~

Every once in a while, I receive news of a good find. However, it seems that good finds are fewer and further apart these days.

The defeat of Senate Bill 870 will continue to make Oregon finds all but non-existent, since it will remain illegal to dig for bottles on either "public" (spelled government owned) or private (even with written permission) property. Yep, the State lays claim to everything, even on private property. Big Brother has a real stranglehold on us up here.

California diggers are either keeping a low profile and not talking, or the ground has already gotten too hard and digging has slowed to a crawl. Not even the die hard pick and shovel guys are bragging these days.

Back in January of 2010, you will recall an article on this site about the F. W. Bradley amber cylinder from San Diego.

According to those in the know at that time, "This is a very rare San Diego tool top short fifth, dating 1900 (turn of the century). There is this one and it is damaged with stone bruises on the body. There is a mint one in the old Kallis Collection. That makes 2, if there is anymore I haven't heard of them. The flask are tough, as with many of the San Diego bottles, especially the embossed whiskey stuff, but, this flask is one of the more common of what we have. The company that put this out was F.W. Bradley here in Dago on the border." Since then, I was made aware of the existence of a couple more mint examples of the cylinder. Still, this is one tough bottle.

Out of the blue, I got an email yesterday that goes to show that even if picks and shovels aren't digging up good glass, the old silver pick (cash) still works. A California poison and pot-lid collector stumbled across a real gem at an estate sale down in Hemet. Yep, an about mint example of the F. W. Bradley!

He was good enough to share a bunch of photos. Take a peek!

The collector went on to say "The only small "issue" (if indeed it is an issue) is a small elongated surface bubble on the shoulder, which is not burst through, but shows two tiny pin prick rough points, on top of the surface bubble...otherwise I would rate it as v.good condition".

They also said that the bottle is available and that they would consider a fair offer on it. As you all know, I do not discuss values or provide recommendations on this site. However, if you are interested, as a service to the collecting community, I'll be happy to forward your emails on to the owner and let you work out the details.

Congratulations on a great find! Thanks for sharing.

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