Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hassmer revisited

Andy V. mentioned the possibility of an oddball Hassmer variant with either a sticky ball or graphite pontil scar on the base. His comment got me curious. As I mentioned before, it's obvious that both the tooled and applied top examples in my collection originated in the same mold. The font, spacing, etc. etc. etc. are identical when compared with photo overlays and caliper measurements.

The mold was modified to improve the finished product by the addition of a couple of air vents on the reverse shoulder, but that's the only thing I noticed. Until Andy mentioned the base on his.

Although the bases proper on my two are identical, a mold number was added when the venting was done as the glassworks transitioned from glop to tool tops.

I sure would like to see a photo of Andy's.

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Mike Dolcini said...

There are variables, flukes, and oddities in many bottle categories. I once dug a McMillan and Kester jake from the 1870s with a plain as your face black iron pontil mark. It sold for what is considered a high price through Pacific Glass Auctions. This could also explain the "pontil base" that Andy is referring to on the Hassmer.

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