Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

Here we are; 2012. A new year. I don't make resolutions though. Heck, I'd just break them so what's the use. I figure it's best just to give things your best shot as the opportunities arise rather than come up with some silly list of stuff that you know you're not going to stick to...

One of the things that I'd like to accomplish is to add to my collection again this year. Nothing big in the way of numbers though. I've got too much in the way of quantity already. No, I'd rather just pick up a few key pieces this year. I'd sure like to reacquire a Dr. Millers Ratafia Damiana. Or better yet, track down the one I used to have. Like that's gonna happen.

Seems though, like the harder I try to make things happen, the more frustrated I get. You know the story, no bottles when you've got a few bucks / no bucks when the bottles are available. Face it, you just can't force good luck. Nope, better just to be ready when opportunity knocks.

A while ago the phone rang. Hmm, odd area code; 802. "Yep, this is he. Yep, I know a "little" about western whiskies. Oh, you dug some? Congratulations! That's no small feat these days. So tell me what you dug". And so the caller related his and his partners dig to me. Turn stuff. The standard menu of tooled Crown Distilleries, Louis Taussig's, Roth's; yawn, zzzz...

Turns out they had dug a bomber of an outer behind what had been a railroad depot. These bottles had obviously made the trip with someone returning to the east coast and been discarded at the end of the line, in Vermont. Vermont from S.F.; now that's really the end of the line. Neat story anyway. But not quite the end of the story~

Oh, and had I ever heard of a Crown Cocktails, he asked?  Sir, you have my attention! "Yep, neat bottle, amber fifth, both applied and tool top; also, it says "ready to drink". It's always been a favorite of mine. They're a tough bottle".

What he said next really woke me back up. No, it's clear, and it's got a picture of a crown and some other stuff on it. And, no, it's not a fifth, it's a little bitty thing.

After a short discussion, I was the proud owner of a "new" western picture mini. Talk about good things coming in a small package. C'mon opportunity! I'm ready for ya in 2012.

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