Thursday, September 27, 2012

Canyonville Countdown
Wow, one week (correction - 1 Day!) and counting. October 6th will be here before we know it!

Looks like the weather is cooperating. Here's the advanced forcast for showtime; perfect~

The response to this years show has been well ahead of the curve compared to past years. We sold out of dealer space early, real early, this year and have a pretty healthy waiting list. We had to add display spaces to accomodate demand this year. And inquiries from the general public regarding our appraisal and onsite auction services continue to stream in. One gentleman in Northern California inquired about auctioning "100 insulators and well over 200 bottles, all of which are in excellent condition". Another person is consigning a Radam's Microbe Killer jug. And yet another has committed to auctioning an amber Fleckenstein and Meyer flask. I received some photos today from a local collector who is downsizing his collection and is bringing the following items to auction. 
For the insulator crowd there's a Locke porcelain.

And for the bottle folks, a picture soda from Concord, Ca.,

plus a scarce Lotus / BPOE flask from Portland.
Thought I'd add this photo that arrived today (Sat. the 29th) Of the Fleck. A little fuzzy but Wow, just the same!

Come join us for our 10th anniversary at the Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Canyonville!
See you soon~

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Kentucky Gem said...

Got a call last night asking about the Fleckenstein. According to the owner, it's 5 7/8" tall and in good shape (no cracks chips, etc.). That weird blotch on the right of the photo is glue from the envelope that he mailed the picture in.

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