Sunday, August 18, 2013

Top Tens - Semi Finals

To date, here are the winners of the "top tens"

categories (picture and non-picture) tool tops. Based on

the numbers, these are infinitely rarer than most of the

glop tops listed in John Thomas's survey. But, alas,

they're "just tooled tops"~


Columbian (right face) = 2 known

Old Joe Tracy = 2 known (1 repaired) The other listed on Ebay for $125K...

Non Pareil 1/5 = 2 known
Correction 3 known

RCL said;

"I had 2 non pariel 5ths and sold one that was repaired. It was a variant mold. The bottle was taller and the
embossing was the same but arranged a bit different."

Kuhls Schwarke Log Cabin = 2 known

Phoenix (clear) = 2 known

 Eagle Glen 16 base = 1 known
Correction 2 known

H J Grauerholz = 2 known

Belle of Mason = 2 known

 Royal Stag JP Schardin = 1 known

Choice Old Cabinet = 3 known
Correction 7 known

A Tie
Gilt Edge (clear) = 6 or 7 known


Copper Distilled = 3 known
Correction 7 known

 Hilbert Bros = 3 known
Correction 4 known
Chenoweth & Tobin The 49er = 2 known
Correction 3 known

D. H. Hillen = 2 known

 OPS = 3 known
Correction 6 known
Merchant's Inn - Ranzulo = 2 known
(correction new find 3 - photo soon)

ABC House (Fergusson) = 1 known

Laurel Crown = 2 known
Correction 4 known

J.D. Heise Grocers = 1 known

T.M. Ferguson 719 Market S.F. = 2 known

If you know of additional examples, let's hear it. If

you disagree with these somewhat unscientific counts

(educated guesses actually), or think that

we should consider other candidates, let's hear it.
We need photos of many of these to round this out. If

you've got an example, feel free to forward a picture and

we'll include it in the post.

Golden Plantation just posted some information on the prior article so I've corrected the numbers based on his input, as well as my own knowledge.

The plot thickens.

  3 more nominees~

 And yet another I didn't know existed.


Kentucky Gem said...

Golden Plantation August 18, 2013 at 1:29 PM

Tooled Tops:
"Non Pariel" Only seen the one I dug and sold to E.L.

"Choice Old Cabinet" (tooled) Dug 2 and have see at least 5 others.

"Eagle Glenn" # 16, have only see one that P.K. had.

Royal Stagg, haven't a clue.

"Copper Distilled" Have dug 3 and have seen at least 4 others.

"Hilbert Bros." Dug 1 and have seen maybe 3 others.

"O.P.S." Have seen at least six of these.

Kentucky Gem said...

I just got an email questioning why the Laurel Crown was not included in the picture category. Hmm, good question. Is the Cutter / Sole Agent a picture? It too has a Crown in the embossing pattern.

OK, if the LC is a "non-picture", then why is the Choice Old Cabinet in with the pictures? I dunno...

Laurel Crown - picture or no? Choice Old Cabinet - picture or no?

Your thoughts?


Hey Bruce, how rare is the "Eugene Hannemann" from Portland? Found one of these in amber in a shop outside Carson City a number of years ago. Traded it to Bob Barnett as he said he had a customer looking for one. Even though he had it listed in his book, he said it was the first one he had seen! The bottle displayed great, but had a huge circular bruise on the back, as I recall.


OOPS! Sorry, I just realized that your posts on the rarest of tool tops was for S.F. whiskeys only. The Oregon bottles would require a separate discussion!

Kentucky Gem said...


Good question about the Eugene Hannemann from Portland. In a nutshell, it's rare with one amber tooled damaged example that we know of - probably yours, known.

Small town tooled tops, as well as Portland bottles, are a discussion in and of themselves. Portland bottles dating from the mid late 90's have a sizeable percentage of pictures. I know, here we go about what does and doesn't constitute a picture. Just the same, I'd class the Hannemann as a picture; as well as the Henry Fleckenstein (embossed griffin), the El Kader, Commodore (both variants), Waverly Club, and perhaps a couple others.

In order to render this discussion down to a manageable level, I opted to discuss the S.F. whiskies first. I've gotten calls and emails from fellow collectors wanting to introduce other categories into separate top tens. If there's enough input and interest, I'll fire up the "ol printing press" and move forward with that.


old bumstead said...

I have dug a hanneman,old bumstead

Kentucky Gem said...
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Kentucky Gem said...

Jason P., up in S. F. Bay Area emailed today. He said;

"I found the Log Cabin example with a lip chip and base crack, in SF in 1984/85. It was laying almost on top of the ground, partially exposed. I figured it would turn out to be a large Miller High Life of very recent vintage, but was astounded to see the embossing which had been laying face down in the soil. There was a salamander living inside, who I gently let squeeze out through the neck back onto the ground.

I traded this bottle to a collector in Redwood City, Ca. about a year or two later for a Mayfield Soda Works hutch. He already knew someone who was interested in the Log Cabin bottle. I did not realize it was still so rare."

Thanks Jason!

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