Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A reinvention, of sorts~

The other day I was reading about a new type of tire (and wheel) that Michelin has invented. It replaces the pneumatic rubber tire and steel (or aluminum) combination that has been around since it's invention by John Dunlop in 1887. 1887-2013; over a century and a quarter. That's a long haul by anyone's standards.

According to the website "stats" page, the Western Whiskey Tool Top Gazette was "invented" in January 2010, a paltry thee years ago. In the ensuing 36 months, we've posted 137 articles (about one every week and a half) on subjects ranging from western whiskey bottles, to the wholesalers that sold them, and from western pre-pro shot glasses to cork screws; not to mention poor packaging by ebay sellers...

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a fellow collector asking me why I don't write about glop tops. Occasionally, I've included reference to the earlier whiskies, but since the site is named the Western Whiskey Tool Top Gazette, I've tried to focus almost exclusively on them.

Last night, it dawned on me that the site could use a little freshening. Maybe not a reinvention, but certainly a change. And so, I introduce to you, the "Western Whiskey Gazette". And for those of you who are retired firefighters (like myself), PD, or military (active or retired), and like acronyms, "WWG".

The change will give us the latitude to include every subject and collectible within our range of interests. As in the past we will remain, "Dedicated to the research and sharing of knowledge of Western Whiskeyana spanning the pre-prohibition era." And so you will notice that "We've undergone a bit of a reinvention. Initially the website was dedicated strictly to tool tops. Thanks to the positive input we've received from you, our fellow collectors, we've expanded our focus to encompass all western whiskies, both tooled and glop tops. We welcome feedback and positive participation via "comments".
Feel free to touch base. Our email is"

We'd love to post your digging stories, your flea market finds, and anything else that you think relevant to the hobby, that others may be interested in.

Here's to 2014 and beyond~

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Numa.G said...

Maybe combine this blog with the GlobTop blog ?

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