Friday, February 14, 2014

Rest in Peace

1/30/2009 - 2/14/2014


A friend emailed today, asking if I'd noticed what was up with Sole Agents site today.
I hadn't tried to log in since earlier this week.
This is what greeted me as the home page.
Bummer, and a real loss for the west coast fraternity.
I touched base with Sole Agent a couple of weeks ago about migrating the archived articles to this website if his folded. At that time, he had intentions of simply renewing the domain. Now that a domain shark has possesion of it, we'll try to figure a way to have his old database added to this one.

If any of you computer experts have an idea about how to implement this, please get ahold of me and we'll give your plan a try.
Have a good weekend!

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Rick Simi said...

Yes its a real bummer we lost this site - but - things change, times change. I hope the Western Whiskey Gazette will keep bringing us the western glass related information and articles that is so important to keep the interest in our hobby alive

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