Saturday, March 1, 2014

Insult to Injury

A follow-up to "Reasonable or Rip-off".

A quick recap; Buyer gets winning bid for bottle, Winning bid is $70~. Buyer gets bill for over $100~ which includes the buyers fee and $18~ to ship the bottle which weighs under 2 pounds.

General consensus; Rip-off!
The post script; "Insult to Injury".

Bottle arrives with old undisclosed damage. Buyer attempts to contact the auction gallery via email upon receipt of damaged bottle. Email read;

Dear XXXX XXXXX Auction;

The bottle lot that I won at your latest auction arrived. The outside of the box was free of any damage and the bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap and had extra styro foam peanut cushioning inside.

The bottle has undeclared damage that was not described in your auction. There is a 3/8" long crack in the top. It is not "just crudity in the glass". It is a crack that reflects light and is easy to spot. I am sending a picture of the damage.

I can't find anything on your website that discusses this kind of a problem. What is your policy for taking care of undisclosed damage?


(the crack is in the center of the white borders)
The email was sent on the 23rd of February. Today is March 1st. The auction house never replied. The buyer at this time is stuck with a cracked bottle; one that they would not have bid on if it had been properly described.

What would you do?

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