Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jesse Moore strikes again!

Awesome Piece!
Jesse Moore Hunt Co. was located at 200 Davis St. in S. F. in 1905.

In 1906, (post quake & fire) they relocated to 763 - 765 Harrison, again in S. F.

They remained at this address though 1907.

In 1908 they moved again; this time to 195-199 2nd St. S. F.

In 1917, they downsized to 195 2nd St. They remained at 195 2nd through 1918 and closed their doors prior to the 1919 directory being published.

Hence; the window for this item is ca. 1908 - 1916.

Congrats to Dale and Barabara Santos for a kiiller find at C'ville 2014!

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vermeer said...

You may be interested to know...though a Louisville distiller, Jesse Moore's main residences were (and still stand next to one another) in Worcester, MA

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