Saturday, November 29, 2014

I wonder?

Recently, while "digging" up a bit more history on F. Mandlebaum, (also known as Francis and or Frank), and his Thistle Dew and Nabob brands, I stumbled across an article in a San Francisco newspaper.

(Nope, that's not a chip on the Thistle Dew. It's a very crude glop top that was badly under filled when it was applied)



 On April 29, 1887, Mandlebaum, along with a number of other liquor wholesalers endorsed an early closing movement in the Daily Alta California.

The early closing movement's purpose was to shut down all of the liquor establishments at 2 PM on Saturdays. Why? My guess was an attempt to appease the growing temperance movement in the city.
But here's what really caught my attention; the names on the endorsement were a veritable who's who of "big liquor" back in the day.
E. A. Fargo
Carroll (Abrams) & Carroll
Sroufe (& McCrum)
E. Commins
Louis Taussig
Samuel Moore
Meyerfeld, Mitchell
Moore, Hunt
Nabor Alfs & Brune
Shea Bocqueraz
E. Tanniere
Hidebrandt Posner
Wichman & Lutgen
Lowe Bros.
John S. Bowman
Crane, Hastings
F. Mandlebaum (& sons)
Thomas Taylor
N. Van Bergen
Weil Bros. (& sons)
Siebe Bros. & Plageman
Cartan, McCarthy
Weil Bros (& sons)
A. Fenkhausen
Spruance Stanley
M. Warde
M. Gruenberg
All of the above names are immortalized in glass. But what of the rest?
Are there other embossed cylinders lurking in the shadows, with the names of the missing, just waiting to be discovered?
Just imagine, embossed cylinders bearing the names of
Bothin, Dallemand
James Walker (S.T. Suits / Walker Bros.?)
A. G. Chauche
Dickson, DeWolf
John Sauinier
Heathcote, Dexter
J. T. M Kelly
I Wonder~

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