Saturday, March 7, 2015

2016 Shootout Categories?

Time to start thinking about 2016 shootout

The two IXL's pictured above were the winners at the Auburn 2010 IXL Shootout.
I've proposed the inclusion of a western whiskey, specifically the Jesse Moore / Sole Agent glop top, as one of the three 2016 categories.
As mentioned previously, "They've got everything going for them! Both RTS and I have lined up dozens at a time on a counter, like soldiers in formation. Regardless of whether they are shoulder vented or not, the variations in terms of molds employed, color, and crudity are endless. "
What do you think?

Looks like public opinion is swinging in the direction of Shea, Bocqueraz & McKee

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Rick Simi said...

I like the idea of the Jesse Moore in the whiskey category. Someone mentioned S.F. Gaslights as a possible choice and I can't ever remember a "gaslight" shootout so that might be a possibility. Maybe we could put together a post with some candidates for different categories for the shootout then folks could put in their choice for the bottles to be included in the shootout.
That is if they can get up the gumption to comment

Kelly P said...

I would love to see some kind of display of Tea Kettle's.

Rick Simi said...

I agree with Kelly. The Teakettle is a perfect whiskey for the shootout. They come crude and in colors but could we consider the aqua example an anomaly or include it in the shootout?

Kentucky Gem said...

The TK is indeed a natural. Not quite a plentiful as the Jess, but still plenty around to make things interesting. I personally think that the aqua TK deserves to be included with the rest of the contestant's. It is indeed an anomaly, but one has to wonder if there aren't other examples in different colors that have more "going for them" overall. And that's what makes the shootout's interesting!

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