Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Deals are still to be had.

Recently a good glop top whiskey popped up on eBay. The results were surprising.

Antique Old Judge Newmark, Gruenberg & Co Bourbon Bottle Lt. Amber...Drip Top

Described as;
"Pacific glass works (I don't see that on the bottle) patent date on bottom 1872. I do see the 1872 & Pat and some other numbers & letters that I cannot read.

Bubbles...I do see see the bubbles in various places.There are three 1/2" long + on the neck and a few above the embossed label and a large
2-1/2" bubble on the right side of the label. There are more but these really identify the bottle.

Lt. Amber
Drip Top

I am quite sure it is a 4 piece mold. I think you can see that in the pictures. Sorry the pictures aren't
better. I am no photographer.

Upon very close inspection I found 2 very tiny smaller than 1/16" chips or dings on the lower part of the drip top, and
a 1/16" possible ding or chip near the bottom of the bottle (about 1/2" up from the base to the left of the embossed label).
That may have been in the making...but I really don't know."

 eBay item number: 371362814525
The photos left a bit to be desired, and that may have had something to do with the final price of $237.57
I'd say someone got a buy!

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