Sunday, August 9, 2015

New variant of WC Peacock pre-pro glass?

Once in a blue moon, it happens. And last week, we had a blue moon~

Got an email from a collector over in the islands that I've become acquainted with. He said;

"I have a question regarding the shotglass in the attached photo. I've come across this one, and wanted your opinion. Does this look authentic and have you seen this variation before?"

He was concerned that it was a fake. These days, anything seems possible... We both noticed that one significant difference existed in this glass compared with the previously documented examples. Besides the absence of the gold rim and the base label under glass coat of arms (Hawaii seal), "Compliments" was etched in a straight line, as opposed to upward slant from left to right.

Regardless, it appeared to be the correct configuration in terms of height, width, proportions, and wall diameter. The conformation appears to be correct. The glass was blown using a manganese dioxide cullet, the font appears to be in keeping with the other WCP's that I've seen, the depth of the "etch" appears to be correct, and the lip "fire polished' finish appears to be correct. That being said, my opinion is that it indeed appears to be the "real deal".

New finds of western glasses are few and far between. Discoveries of a new variant of an HT glass are rare as hens teeth.


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