Tuesday, February 16, 2016

If the walls could talk.

Back in 2010, we posted a couple of articles about Warren Watson. 


We made mention of his flagship brand "Kentucky Club" and included a picture of both the German Connection glop top, and the S. F. blown clear fifths.

At the end of January we got an email from a gentleman in San Francisco who'd found a couple of bottles entombed in a wall in his Victorian home in San Francisco. One of which was related to the Rathjen Mercantile Company of San Francisco. 
Imagine my surprise when I got an email a couple of days ago from yet another person in California who had also found a bottle inside of a wall. De Ja Vu! We'd come full circle, back to Warren Watson and Ky Club!

Here it is, fresh out of it's tomb~

And a couple of days later, after a nice soak in the tub~

Great finds! Keep 'em coming!

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