Friday, June 17, 2016

Paper labels and packing crates!

Royal Miller Whiskey

I hadn't heard of this one, and am betting that you haven't either.

Would you believe that it's a western brand? San Francisco to be precise. Nope, it's not listed in the California trade mark database that just became available either... 

Of course, none of us had heard of Sappho Brand either, until a few years ago when I acquired a label and contents bottle that had been found in a mine shaft in Nevada. 

The Royal Miller Whiskey brand was recently re-discovered while a gentleman "was helping a neighbor with cleaning out a house and came across a box that looked cool".

Yes, cool indeed!
Oh, and did I mention that the Sappho and 
Royal Miller Whiskey brands have a common denominator?


I'd date it post TOC based on the 25 oz. capacity and the style of the box construction (round nails and butt joints instead of dovetailed corner joinery). The brand must have been a total flop since it was never even recorded. I'd sure like to see what the paper labels looked like!
Ahh, the beauty of paper labels and packing crates!

Great find Dan!

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