Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who said all the good stuff's already been dug? Follow-up!

This just in from Leadville, Colorado;

This was dug up in Leadville last weekend....

Check out the following link, it tells the story behind this previously thought to be "one of a kind" flask!



Holy Moly, I thought, when this email rolled in!

"I still try to dig with my NorCal pal a few times a year. 10 hours from my door to his, but we'll dig for a solid three days to make it worth it. 

My last two trips were worth it. I had the distinct privilege of digging a Livingston's Pride Of Kentucky. 

The next trip yielded the early variant shoulder crown. Didn't come home with me, but it was still a decent hole, so I did come home with "stuff."
The Livingston hole started with a Liberty hutch from SF. Talk about an all ages show. The shoulder crown hole was solid age."

Way To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ravolkerts said...

Kinda like there is more gold left in California then what was taken out. Just think of the thousands of bottles residing at the bottom of San Francisco bay for one............Andy

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