Tuesday, November 22, 2016

JR's "For Sale" List

Heh all;

Just got my old pal John Ronald's for sale list. He's got a couple of seldom seen Cutters available. They sound like they're top shelf.

Cutter, O.K., Whisky (in circle), J.H. Cutter, Old, Bourbon, Trade “Crown”
(in slug plate), Marks, J.H.C. on barrel, C. P. Moorman, Manufacturer,
Louisville, KY / A.P. Hotalings O.K., Cutter Whisky (back), B237, 11 7/8"
light amber cylinder fifth, applied long tapered lip with ring, mint.
 J. H. Cutter, Old, Bourbon, J.H.C. on barrel, (J. H. Cutter, Old, Bourbon,
crown - in circle), Trade, Mark, (J.H. Cutter, Pure, Old Rye, crown - in
circle), C.P. Moorman, Manufacturer, Louisville, KY. / Cutter Whiskey (on
back), B-234, T-37, 11 ½" very light yellow honey amber cylinder fifth,
strong embossing, applied long tapered lip with ring, mint
 J.H.Cutter, Old, Bourbon, “Crown”, E. Martin & Co., Sole Agents, B225, 11
7/8" yellow amber to light amber cylinder, whittled, applied long tapered
lip with ring, (blob top), small open bubble on reverse

I can attest to his honesty and integrity. A really great guy and an asset to the hobby! 

If you're interested, drop him an email.


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