Thursday, January 12, 2017

The beginning of the end...

On January 9, 2010, the Western Whiskey Gazette made it's debut.

We've shared a lot of knowledge and hopefully furthered the hobby in the ensuing seven years.

Sadly, all things apparently must pass. I have spent countless hours over the past two weeks in an attempt to renew the domain. It's been an exercise in total and utter frustration; caught in a revolving door with Google and Go Daddy. Go Daddy claims that Google Apps (now G Suite) has assumed total and absolute control for domain renewal, despite the fact that Go Daddy originally registered the domain, and continued to collect the annual renewal revenues (up until this year). 

Google - G Suite, on the other hand, does not recognize the WWG account and there is apparently no way to speak with a real person in order to obtain assistance, since the phone prompt requires a PIN, which I can't access since my account is blocked. 

The G Suite website simply links one page to another, and nothing that I've done in an attempt to negotiate the "Google system" has been successful.

I would welcome any and all advice in my final last ditch effort to renew. 

If not, well, it's been real~


Anonymous said...

Had the same problem and had to walk away hope you can get it fixed. Your writing and info has renewed my interest in the hobby I always looked forward to your articles.

Anonymous said...

Well this sucks is there anyway to transfer all the great information on here to another site
Bill C.

aphotaling said...


Hope your site doesn't go away. As for the technical issues and how to resolve them, I would suggest you get with numa g (Andrew) over at westernwhiskies. He is a young guy and is a computer wizard !


WestCoastBottleDiggerDan said...

This is Daniel Lopez. I'll give it a shot Bruce. This site must go on!!

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