Thursday, March 2, 2017

What's in your wallet? (Part 2)

ABA Auction 63 - phase 2

Someone posed the question during the last auction, "where are all the whiskies"? "Got me", was my reply. There were a handful, but nothing compared to the the other categories present. 

Part two has a few; mainly minis and one hitter fifth. 

By far, the rarest bottle in the whiskey category is the two city Newman's College figural football. I'd say that the J. Moore (no S.F.) is the second rarest. Well, maybe the Snowflake ties for second. Neither of them are slouches...

Anyone care to make a guestimate on where this bunch of stuff is going to hammer at? See following~

(remember - click on each image and it will open in a new full screen window)


Anonymous said...

Probably way off
Gold Dust 8000 more then I would pay
Newman 1100
Minis 100-300
Snowflake 900
Bill Curtiss

Anonymous said...

Forgot the J. Moore 700

Westernglassaddict said...

To me that is a $6000 Horse.
The football is cute but late...$650
Snowflake typically sells for $400 or so.

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