Thursday, May 11, 2017

eBay - It never ceases to amaze!

I spotted this listing when it first popped up.

eBay item number: 332209621558

The Southern Oregon Antique Expo that I co-produce tied up the tail end of last week, and the first of this. Imagine my surprise when I finally had a spare moment to check on the hammer. 

I have got to say that I was mighty "impressed" with the hammer price considering the apparent condition depicted in the photos, the sketchy description and the prior track record of dead mint examples.

No visible cracks or chips, some bubbles in the glass, and applied ring top, med.- dark Amber in color. This flask form bottle is in good "dug" condition, circa. 1871-1902.This is a pre-pro whiskey flask from a San Francisco distillery.


Did I miss something?


Westernglassaddict said...

The Low SF Lilienthal flasks are super tough to find in great condition. Also they NEVER come hammer whittled as this one appears to be. The crappy pics are hopefully hiding a killer hammer whittled boldly struck example of this flask. Sure I took a risk by bidding and the seller's huge feedback ( not) is also sketchy. BUT if this bottle is what I think it is, this will be a home run for this buyer :)

Anonymous said...

Bottles are trending up,And that is nice,!!

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the guy that bought it will be happy did you see the red Wolters sold for 351 plus shipping and the tool top Choice Old Cabinet sold for 586 plus shipping the Wolters is very nice the scratches described were not scratches but wrinkles all in making and the COB is a nice light color great strike

aphotaling said...

The "Low S.F." variant, newer and never as crude or colorful as the older "High S.F.'s", can be a boring bottle. However, it is much rarer than its older counterpart. I have 45 examples of the "Highs" accounted for, vs only 15 of the "Lows"

If indeed the example that recently sold on Ebay is whittled, the winning bidder got a very good buy, as was stated in Dale's reply, they are never hammer whittled !


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