Saturday, August 26, 2017

Real, repro, fantasy, fake?

White Rye Whiskey
A. Fenkhausen & Co.
San Francisco, Cal.

Recently there has been some discussion about a small handful of reverse glass signs that appeared in western whiskey collecting circles starting back in the 1970's. Based on input there are apparently two very similar variants with only subtle differences in the script and design to differentiate the two.

It had been generally accepted that these signs are fantasy pieces since the Tennessee White Rye Brand has only been linked to Braunschweiger & Co. (Braunschweiger was in partnership with Fenkhausen in the late 1870's / early 80's).

Imagine my surprise when the following trade card surfaced courtesy of friend Ralph H. down in Northern Cal.

Notice the similarities?
Makes one wonder now, doesn't it ? ! 


 PS: The trade card is currently running at auction. Here's the link~


Rick Simi said...

Interesting how unheard of items keep popping up.

Bill Curtiss said...

So where does this leave us did somebody find one of these cards and copy it to make these fantasy signs or are these signs legit I bought one for 50 bucks was told they were fake liked so bought it what is your opinion Bruce or anybody

Bill Curtiss said...

Interesting Bruce I have one of these signs know where there are a couple more was always told these were fake but thought they looked like the real deal maybe they are real sure seems like a lot of work to make these paid 50 bucks for mine

David Bethman said...

Just bought one of these cool signs today in Deer Lodge Montana sure looked real. With that trade card just found these may be the real mccoy any help appreciated!

David Bethman
Hamilton MT

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