Thursday, December 13, 2012

Makin' a wish~

Good morning all.

A good friend of mine touched base with me today hoping that I could help locate a special want. Well actually two. He's on the prowl for a couple of bottles to "make his day". I've got a couple of each, but until the time comes to liquidate my collection, they are firmly entrenched here.
Not neccesarily in order, Choice Old Cabinet glop top or tool top in the new mold. And of course the venerable Tea kettle~

And so here's hoping that someone out there has a duplicate that they'd be willing to cut loose of. Of course, the label is strictly optional (nice but not neccesary).

Lemme know what you have. Send me a detailed description and crisp unaltered digital photos and I'll try to help grant his wish.



Dr.Barnes said...

I like the Labeled Tea Kettle, is it Embossed as well?

Kentucky Gem said...

Yep. It came in as part of a fairly large grouping of glops. Only described as "one of the crudest and nicest TK's" that the prior owner had seen, you can imagine my surprise when the bubble wrap came off and the label stared me in the face. According to what I was told, this is one of the TK's found under the house in VC decades ago.

On top of the label, it has a BOLD strike and is hammer whittled; a glop top trivecta; so to speak.

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