Thursday, October 10, 2013

Canyonville 2013

Time Marches On

The weekend of October 4th has come and gone. It's been eleven years since the JSABC annual Show and Sale made the move to Canyonville. Hard to believe...

The move from the middle of the month, to the first weekend in October seems to have been a blessing in disguise. For whatever reason, the seasons have changed. This year saw the wettest September ever recorded in Oregon. The fall colors appeared weeks early, trees are already dropping their leaves and it is now freezing at night.

However, the weather for show weekend couldn't have been better. 70's during the day, crisp and cool at night. Crystal clear afternoons and best of all, no rain! The perfect weather no doubt helped attendance. Early attendance was up again this year and Saturday saw a steady stream of local people through the doors.

75 sales tables and eight displays filled out the show. Several collections, fresh to the market, were on the tables and a number of new faces appeared behind dealer tables. Many of the dealers that we spoke with reported strong sales in the four figure range. The Saturday auction table continued to be a hot spot.

Dealers were presented with a free raffle drawing for a crisp $100~ bill. Seven Feathers again donated a meal and lodging package, which rounded out the free dealer drawings.

Eight displays were set up, representing both the bottle and insulator hobby's. A hot topic in both areas of collecting continues to be the dearth of fakes flooding the market. A bottle display, entitled "Real or Repro / Fantasy or Fake" was especially popular and was awarded the Federations Most Educational ribbon by a team of judges representing both hobbies.

Raffle prizes this year were over the top. American Bottle Auctions helped out by selling us a group of three historical flasks for a reasonable price, and a killer group of insulators were offered to balance out the raffle table. The third raffle prize was a custom display cabinet with a retail value of $750~, designed to accommodate either bottles or insulators.

Unfortunately, in the rush to get to the show, I forgot my camera. Anyone with photos of the show is asked to send them to me so that they can be posted.

And so, this years "C'ville Show" is now in the history books. We'd like to thank everyone who made the trip and will look forward to seeing one and all again next year.
Same weekend / Same place.
At the Seven Feathers Casino Resort,
where you can expect the best~

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