Friday, October 18, 2013

C'ville 2013 photos~

Many thanks to Gloptop (Dennis R.) for answering our request for pictures. Here are some great shots of the show~
This killer sales table arrangement, courtesy of Pete and Shannon Hendricks, caught your eye the instant you waltzed through the entry doors.

Oh, and check out that overhead lighting~


Holy Moly! Would ya look at these IXL's!
Two thumbs up to Dale M. for this incredible rainbow of rarity.

Medina's Medicine Show.
Just unbelievable in terms of variety and rarity.
And what a crowd it drew!

Having "pursued the pickle" for the past forty years, I can say that both my wife and I (as well as everyone else who saw this display), were drooling over this array of killer pieces.
Thanks Mike L.!

An excellent arrangement of beers by Mike R. I loved the verticality and dimension created by the used of period boxes. Another crowd pleaser.


A little quiet time Friday evening during the hospitality hour with hors d'oeuvres and no host bar, where collectors and dealers relaxed and caught up with one another.


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