Monday, November 16, 2015

ABA Auction #62 results OR "As the dust settles"

There's a lot of speculation on the street about who is going to bid, and on what, at ABA's auction 62. There is literally something for everyone this time around with a good selection of some scarce western whiskey cylinders and flasks, sodas, meds., and bitters. East coast collectors will find a nice selection of bitters and historicals. And both eastern and western collectors of cathedral foods will find some nice offerings as well. That plus fancy oil lamps, Boston & Sandwich glass perfumes, and even a handled free blown pitcher.

I thought that it would be fun to toss out some examples and ask for comments on where you think things will land when the dust settles.

Well gang, here's the tale of the tape for this bunch~

1) Lot #56 - California Clubhouse. ----- $21,000~
2) Lot #55 - Dr. Wonsers USA Indian Root Bitters ----- $8,000~
3) Lot #3 - Rothenburg chicken ----- $3,000~
4) Lots #1 & 2 - Columbians ----- Amber $1,700~ Clear $2,000~
5) Lot #7 - Denaveaux & Maison ----- $2,200~
6) Lot #8 - Livingston BB Brandy ----- $600~
7) Lot #10 - green Star Shield / J.F. Cutter  ----- $5,500~
8) Lot #15 - Laurel Crown ----- $1,600~
9) Lot #17 - Wilmerding / United We Stand ----- $2,800~
10) Lot #18 - Tommy Taylor - red German ----- $550~
11) Lot #25 - Phoenix flask in olive amber ----- $1,200~
12) Lot #30 - green Lili flask ----- $3,400~
13) Lot #33 - Jesse flask ----- $7,000~
14) Lot #67 - Non Pariel handled flask ----- $3,000~
15) Lot #59 - Indian Tla-Quillaugh's ----- $21,000~
Total -  $84,550~

My thoughts? In this small cross section, it's obvious that the old adage about color and condition, for the most part, held true to form. The green Star Shield Cutter and the green Lili flask drove that point home.

Surprises? On the low end was the Livingston's BB Brandy. I'd say that was a buy. Same goes for the Clubhouse. High fives to the lucky high bidder! On the high end was the clear Columbian and the Indian Tla-Quillaugh. Wowsa!


 The chicken  flew the coop, but there's another bird fluttering around today, looking for a new place to perch. 

Yep a bird Cutter in the strangest color; kind of a reddish amber with some grape juice tossed into the mix. Bold strike, crisp bird, chunky embossing, loads of character, and best of all, no base flake. It's the one on the left.

Click on the pictures and they'll open in a new high resolution window.

  Very near mint. It's available for a modest "re-homing fee" with no added hammer costs~

Email me if interested~


J. H. Cutter / Old / Bourbon / “bird” (all inside circle) / J. H. Cutter / Old / Bourbon / Trade fancy picture of barrel with JHC in center over crown / Marks  / C. P. Moorman Manufacture Louisville, KY / A. P. Hotaling & Co. Sole Agents (obverse) Cutter / O.K. / Whisky (reverse shoulder); crude glop top with some spillover, reddish amber with slight purple overtones, way above average strike for this variant, loads of character.



Westernglassaddict said...

I think the Wonser's was a smokin deal! Old amber, with great condition and that oh so rare "whiskey base". I have only seen one other in mint condition with the different base. All in all there were some great bargains to be had in the auction, while some items went totally insane. It is extremely difficult to chase everything on my want list, be aggressive, and not end up in the cheese line. In light of this, I prioritize and focus on one or two of my priority bottles...once I get blown out, the resources move to the other piece. This "shell game" continues until ( hopefully) I win the "must have" piece. Unfortunately, some items are left by the wayside to be bid on by others...or not. Quite the game this is...

Warren Friedrich said...

I too thought the Wonser' s was a good purchase price, I owned a yellow amber whiskey base example, very difficult to find these variants. I had high hopes to acquire the Tla Quillaugh's Balsam, which I chased for quite awhile, but it even surprised me at the end. I guess I will be content with what I own and hope someday I get more opportunities to acquire some additional early western pieces.

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