Thursday, December 3, 2015

Roseville - Post Script

Well, how was the show?

Sleepers? Awesome tailgate buys? Killer deals?

Anyone come away with that "something special"? 

Let's hear it~

I'm between cameras at the moment. Would love to post your photos of the swirly Jess and the Chalmers! Send 'em over and we'll get them up and running.


yerba buena said...

Howdy Kentucky G.I was disappointed to see that you were not in attendance this year.I was there for part of friday and things were a bit slow however the more serious and advanced collectors probably found their share.The club had some very rare and seldom seen western pieces in their case,and Warrens Bitters display was Top shelf.surely things picked up later and into saturday,Historically it has always been a Great show.

Anonymous said...

A certain person did buy a Chalmers Catawba Wine Bitters for s very fair price, it was a pristine mint example too!!

Golden Plantation said...

Picked up a crazy swirled, red Jesse Moore 5th and a few other goodies.

cal 49er said...

some great bottles changed hands I missed 2 great ammonia bottles but did get a dark green W S Wright soda. Cal 49er

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